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Assistant Project Manager/Engineer

Company: Forte Construction Corporation

Address: 926 Lincoln Avenue, Holbrook, New York 11741

Job Title: Full-time Assistant Project Manager/Project Engineer

Minimum Job Requirement: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering

Annual Salary: $65,187.20


Job Duties:


  1. Schedule, plan, forecast, resource, and manage all the technical activities aiming at assuring project accuracy and quality from conception to completion

  2. Coordinate, comply with applicable codes, practices, maintain performance standards, and specifications related to the project work

  3. Analyze and verify field mechanical and electrical engineering drawings related to HVAC systems, flood barrier pumps and doors, feeders to the generators prepared by architects and/or engineers of record

  4. Determine project schedules by studying project plans and technical specifications, calculating time requirements and sequencing project elements

  5. Develop as-builts and shop drawings for mechanical subsystems using AutoCAD, Pro-E and other analyzing tools

  6. Create Operational and Maintenance Manuals as per the required standards for installed mechanical instruments such as hydraulic pumps, IP68disconnect enclosures, tunnel lighting, flood barriers

  7. Visit tracks involving tunnel projects to inspect and ensure the quality standards of the mechanical and electrical subsystems installed

  8. Generate, review, coordinate, and track submittals related to the literature and product data for mechanical instruments using project management software like eBuilder, Constructware, etc

  9. Perform on-site pre-functional checks, inspections and tests, including static tests, equipment start-up and verification of interlocks for mechanical and electrical systems requiring integration

  10. Communicate effectively during weekly progress report meetings with the clients and sub-contractors to interpret their needs and requirements

  11. Coordinate with MEP engineers and architects on projects to find solutions to technical problems revolving around mechanical/electrical subsystems related to the scope of work

  12. Collaborate with sub-contractors to obtain shop drawings pertaining to mechanical and electrical aspects of the project

  13. Submit test procedures, performance curves, test report forms and other data required for all operational tests and cross system communication and functioning

  14. Review, analyze and make recommendations on project change orders

  15. Evaluate engineering deliverables; initiate appropriate corrective actions throughout the project lifecycle

  16. Develop Site Safety Plan complying with all company operating policies, procedures, and safety programs

  17. Identify all mechanical systems risk related items and formally track mitigation actions

  18. Communicate effectively with project manager and other project participants in order to provide needed assistance and technical support in engineering field

  19. Design and manage wireless voice, data, and multimedia services on the Company’s engineering projects

  20. Operate computer-assisted engineering and design software to perform engineering tasks

  21. Prepare and submit test procedures, performance curves test report forms, operations and maintenance manuals, and other required data for operational tests and cross-system communication and functioning

  22. Create quality program and work plans

  23. Responsible for all pre-functional checks, inspections, and tests, including static tests, for mechanical and electrical systems

  24. Responsible or equipment startup and verification of interlocks for all mechanical and electrical systems;

  25. Prepare forms for responses to requests for proposals in connection with public works projects

  26. Ensure that all project designs meet or exceed the engineering requirements for the Company’s projects

  27. Inspect and test fiber optic cables, power cables, and communication cables using fluke meters

  28. Prepare as-built drawings using AutoCAD software

  29. Configure, actualize, maintain and enhance electrical instruments, equipment, hardware components and systems

  30. Training in the use of screen takeoff software

  31. Cost Estimating

*This job is being posted as required for an application for Permanent Alien Labor Certification. In addition, any person may provide documentation in connection with this posting to Stephanie Hudson at

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