Assistant Project Manager 

Company: Forte Construction Corporation

Address: 926 Lincoln Avenue, Suite C, Holbrook, New York 11741

Job Title: Full-time Assistant Project Manager

Minimum Job Requirement: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering

Annual Salary: $66,165


Job Duties:


  1. Act as key personnel responsible for achieving design, coordination and construction of project on schedule and within budget in collaboration with designers, owners representatives and field engineers;

  2. Confer with supervisory personnel, owners, contractors, or design professionals to discuss and resolve matters such as work procedures, conflicts/complaints, or construction problems;

  3. Perform engineering tasks such as creating shop drawings, MPT drawings, as-builts and coordination drawings using computer aided design and drafting software (CAD);

  4. Perform coordination and conflict resolution between several sub-contractor drawings using building information modelling software (BIM) such as Navisworks and BIM 360;

  5. Plan, schedule, and coordinate construction project activities to meet deadlines;

  6. Responsible for creating, tracking and managing the submittals on Procore, Asite & Constructware (project management software);

  7. Prepare and submit test procedures, operations and maintenance manuals, and other required data for operational assessment and cross-system communication and functioning;

  8. Assist quality manager in creating a project specific quality program and work plans in order to manage/mitigate all quality-related issues for company projects;

  9. Enforce the quality assurance policy and assist in the quality assurance review process;

  10. Convey the design intent/scope of the project to the supervisors, field engineers, and foremen by telephone, in written form, e-mail, or in person;

  11. Coordinate and implement plans at project managers direction to aid in expedited completion of the project;

  12. Conceptual development of a construction project and oversee its organization, scheduling, and implementation;

  13. Evaluate appropriate construction methods;

  14. Determine work breakdown structure;

  15. Estimating and scheduling techniques and use of computers with specialized software;

  16. Monitor compliance with building and safety codes and other regulations;

  17. Review contract drawings and specifications to monitor progress and ensure compliance with plans and schedules;

  18. Track and control construction costs against the project budget to avoid cost overruns; and

  19. Prepare periodic reports of progress of project and requirements for labor, material, machinery, and equipment at the construction site.

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