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Elevators at 57th Street Station in Manhattan Were Completed Ahead of Schedule!

May 21st, 2021 – The 57th Street Station on the R/Q/N line in Manhattan is now ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant! This was a very challenging project in a very high traffic area in NYC on 7th Avenue adjacent to Central Park. Two new elevators were built on the northbound and southbound platforms, with a third new elevator constructed from the street level to the mezzanine. The street-level elevator is housed in a well-lit stand-alone glass and stainless steel enclosure for commuters to enjoy safely. Streets and sidewalks were rebuilt to meet the latest ADA standards and to enhance “curb appeal.”

To ensure reliable functionality, new electrical panel, elevator machine, and Verizon utility rooms were constructed. The communication room and associated equipment were upgraded and modernized, as were the fire alarm and security systems. The platform edges and ADA boarding areas were reconstructed to comply with current standards, each with new tactile warning strips and rubbing boards. The north and south mezzanines were also largely reconstructed and included the provision of new offices and restrooms. Four new ADA compliant stairways were built and existing stairs were rehabilitated. Additionally, this major project included considerable structural steelwork, concrete walls, and slabs, paving, ornamental metals, waterproofing, roofing, tile, and painting, among the many other scope items involved with the work.

The most challenging aspects of this project were the installation of new and reconfiguration of existing electrical, water and gas utilities and the rerouting of the Empire City Subway (ECS) communication network. This work included extensive reconstruction of duct banks and the construction of numerous new manholes. The street utility work was technically and logistically very difficult and required intense coordination and seamless teamwork.

The project all come together to provide ADA access to this critical station while enhancing the aesthetics of 7th Avenue between 54th and 56th Street. The team’s dedication to meet the needs of this project made this all possible and even completed the project ahead of schedule. Congratulations to all who participated in turning this challenging project into a success!

See the press coverage on the opening below:


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