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Forte Construction Corp. is a premier general contractor, performing public work in the New York metropolitan area for various governmental agencies including NYCT, MTA, LIRR, SCA, NYCHA and DASNY. Headquartered in Holbrook, New York, Forte works in all five boroughs of NYC and Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island. Forte handles a wide range of projects from interior rehabilitations to large-scale infrastructure construction. In addition to traditional municipal construction jobs, Forte has successfully completed Design-Build projects for the LIRR and NYCT.


The organization is uniquely suited to manage and oversee large-scale union and prevailing wage projects, where the company has a proven track record of safely delivering quality results on time and within budget. Striving for excellence, Forte utilizes its years of experience to complete complex and vital projects that simultaneously help the lives of those in the surrounding communities.




Forte Construction Corp. is a premier general contractor that is devoted to improving the lives of those in the community by maintaining the highest level of safety, quality and innovation.

Core Values

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Forte Construction has an exceptional safety record and remains ever vigilant to ensure a safe and efficient workplace. Forte’s safety team directly reports to the corporate officers and are fully empowered to take any and all actions they deem necessary to ensure project safety with full support from the highest level of management. 


In addition, Forte’s highly experienced internal safety team is headed by the Corporate Safety Officer who has over 40 years of experience. At Forte, nothing is more important than providing a safe work environment for all employees, clients and the public.


Forte Construction’s employees are the company’s most valuable asset. Having a driven and diverse workforce is at the heart of the company’s success. Forte strives to create a positive and respectful work environment focusing on the quality of life, both in and out of the workplace. By taking great pride in the company's employees, Forte brings bright minds together to deliver the best results possible.


Along with providing the highest quality projects in our service area, we also give back through charitable initiatives and fundraisers. Our aim is to improve the lives of people in the NY area and beyond.

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