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AS PUBLISHED IN THE US NEWS, Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Workers Weigh in on What Makes a Great Company to Work For

Discover what these workers believe makes a company truly great to work for.

Edited by Katy Marquardt

Key Takeaways

  • Most employees thrive in work environments where they feel valued and respected.

  • Recognizing achievements and encouraging innovation keeps employees motivated and excited about their work.

  • While bringing home a big paycheck is nice, it's usually not what workers appreciate most about their jobs.

When considering where to work, it's important to compare benefits and other aspects of a company's culture and values before accepting a job offer.

Ideas about what makes an exceptional employer may vary depending on individual needs and priorities, so U.S. News sought input from workers to gain diverse insights about what makes a company truly great to work for...

Emphasis on Work-Life Balance

Kristina Ifkovits, proposal manager at Forte Construction Corp., a general contractor involved in transit and public works projects throughout downstate New York, says her company's emphasis on work-life balance is the reason she enjoys her work so much. "We have frequent team-building activities where we can let our hair down and socialize with our teammates outside the office walls. We even have an annual Long Island Ducks picnic where everyone can bring their family members for some barbecue and a baseball game," she shared in an email. She also said that while her employer offers bonuses and raises, she appreciates the positive work-life balance even more.

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