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Project Awarded | Installation of Two Elevators At 57th Street Station

We were awarded the NYCTA Installation of Two Elevators At 57th Street Station. Located in the Borough of Manhattan on the IND Sixth Ave Line, the scope of work for this project includes the installation of two new elevators, an elevator machinery room, and additional critical upgrades.

One of the new elevators will go from the street to the mezzanine level at the SW corner of 56th and 6th. The second new elevator will bring commuters from the mezzanine to the platform level under the north side of the 56th Street and 6th Avenue intersection.

This project also includes a new elevator machinery room, elevator enclosures at the street, mezzanine, and platform locations, upgrades to controls, electrical power, data, communication, and fiber optic work, excavation, demolition, test pits, and site work, utility protection, support, relocation, and replacement work street and sidewalk removals and replacement and motorized and pedestrian traffic protection.


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