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Project Manager



Create work break down structures based on project scope and timeline of completion. Negotiation of change orders when additional work is added to initial scope of work per contract. Negotiating of time extensions and implied cost changes to projects budget. Mentoring of Jr. Engineer.  Preparing payment requisitions to agencies / clients/ prepare cost loaded schedule and deliverables of project. Preside over and approve subcontractor’s payments. Approving submittals of products required to perform work activity. Draw up Project Management Plan /Environmental Management plan / quality Management plan. Design and Develop Temp Enclosure plans and obtain required permits accordingly. Be responsible for Quality management program of sub-contractors and entire project. Liaise with architects, designers, contractors, and professional engineers to finalize design concepts per project requirement. Delegate tasks, provide guidance and manage performance to ensure efficient project execution. Develop and review design changes with respect to field conditions which deviate from contract drawings. Design and Develop HVAC system requirements for projects. Calculate bending stress and moment of inertia details for structural members of the design. Determine horsepower requirements of motors for running of various mechanical components such as sump pumps, exhaust fans, louvers, dampers, escalators. Versed in Heat and Mass Transfer / thermodynamics to determine HVAC requirements for project. Use metallurgy and material science to determine proper selection of metals/ materials required for project. Efficient in mechanics of fluids and hydraulic machinery to determine proper selection of machinery for various constructional activities. Usage of Mechanics of solids to determine behavior of solids when subjected to various types of loads. Amalgamate with quality manager to implement combined developed work plans and oversee quality control process and inspections. Ensure that the project meets specified quality/cost/design/regulatory requirements. Handle resource utilization, capacity planning and sizing estimations. Prepare project status reports for internal and external audits. Inventory procurement planning to avoid long lead components affecting critical path of project. Use of Six Sigma tools to improve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Issue progress updates as needed regarding costs and timelines.


Salary: $125,796 per year 

Educational requirements: Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering 

Experience requirements: 2 years related engineering project engineering work occupation 


Special requirements: Must have SST 60 hours Certification and OSHA 30 hours certification 


Mail Resume to Forte Construction Corp.

1770 Motor Parkway Islandia, NY 11749

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