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Forte-FOS JV: Advancing NYC Subway Infrastructure with Design-Build Expertise

In a groundbreaking venture, Forte-FOS JV has secured Work Order 01 for the Repair of Structural Defects on the Lexington and Jerome Lines in the Bronx and Manhattan as part of the broader Design-Build Services project for Indefinite Quantity Repairs across all NYC boroughs.

This project involves designing and executing repairs at crucial points in the NYCT Subway and SIRTOA Systems, covering station refurbishments, vent rehabilitations, and right-of-way (ROW) enhancements. Forte-FOS is enthusiastic about elevating the infrastructure of one of the world's most iconic transit systems.

The venture spans New York's intricate urban landscape, addressing both underground and elevated facilities. Station structures, including platforms, mezzanines, and passageways, will undergo meticulous renovations to ensure optimal functionality and safety for commuters. Simultaneously, ROW structures, ranging from elevated viaducts to subway tunnels, will receive strategic enhancements to fortify the structural integrity of the entire network.

Work Order 01 will specifically address critical segments, including:

  • Lexington Avenue Line from 125th Street Station to 42nd Street Station within the IRT division in Manhattan

  • Jerome Avenue Line from 125th Street Station to 161st Street Station within the IRT division in the Bronx

  • Lexington Avenue Line between East 112th Street and East 115th Street within the IRT division in Manhattan

This reflects Forte-FOS's commitment to excellence and innovation in urban infrastructure revitalization. Forte-FOS blends cutting-edge design with robust construction methods, setting new benchmarks in design-build services for indefinite quantity repairs.

Stay tuned as Forte-FOS transforms urban mobility, establishing a new standard of excellence in infrastructure development.


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