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New Elevators at Clark Street Station Completed in Record Time

Clark Street Construction Workers

The three new elevators at Clark Street Station in Brooklyn are complete and in record time. The current MTA record for one traction elevator is nine months. The team completed three in six months with the expectation to complete the work in eleven months.

This major milestone is a part of the project, Replacement of 8 Traction Elevators on Four Lines: Lexington/63rd in Manhattan, Roosevelt Island, Clark, and Court Street Stations in Brooklyn. This project called for replacing the eight traction elevators in the shortest time ever completed. We are on track to make this happen!

Commuters that took a quick ride on the elevators were ecstatic that the elevators were running and are bright and clean! Construction will begin on the nearby Court Street elevators on Monday, and the station will remain open.

Check out the news coverage below:


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