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Exciting Developments at College Point and Spring Creek Bus Depots

We’re delighted to bring you news of substantial upgrades coming to the College Point and Spring Creek Bus Depots. Spearheaded by the Stirling-Forte JV, these significant enhancements will bring state-of-the-art improvements to the HVAC, fire alarm, methane gas detection, and building management systems in these essential bus depots located in the Boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn.


The Stirling-Forte JV is proud to contribute to the impactful enhancements underway at these bus depots.  These improvements reflect our unwavering commitment to modernizing transit infrastructure while placing safety, efficiency, and sustainability at the forefront.

In the ongoing collaboration between the Stirling-Forte JV and the MTA, we eagerly anticipate the positive changes that these upgrades will bring to the bus depot operations.  Together, we are working towards a brighter and more resilient future for transportation in New York City.


Keep an eye out for more updates as we continue our efforts to improve transit operations for a seamlessly connected transit network.


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